Real Perspectives Podcast | Lauren Seaver, President of Opportunity Housing Group


Opportunity Housing Group was born out of a necessity to provide additional middle-income housing across California, and it met its opportunity at the right time!


Today’s conversation is with Lauren Seaver, she is the President of Opportunity Housing Group, an entity that was founded out the Blake Griggs Properties enterprise and based in Danville, California. 
Lauren recently helped launch Opportunity Housing Group as way to address much-needed middle-income housing across California, a niche segment of the vast multifamily real estate industry sector, but one that impacts nearly a third of residents in major metropolitan areas. 
In her new role, she is responsible for all stages of the acquisition, due diligence, financing and asset management process. She brings to the organization over 8 years of experience in institutional multifamily and commercial development and acquisitions. During her career, Lauren has led the development, entitlement and acquisition of over $800 million in multifamily and commercial real estate.
Welcome to the podcast, Lauren!


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